Hey, I'm Austin. I've been a marketing, brand, and UX design consultant since 2017.

I've collaborated with dozens of small businesses and startups helping with a wide range of projects involving marketing, websites, media, branding, UX design, and product strategy.

I pride myself on high-quality execution and delivering work that elevates my clients' brand and creates real impact on marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction.

I also write Brand Equity, a newsletter designed to help you build a stronger position in your market. You can check it out on Substack here.

Who I Work With

Business Owners
I can help advise or fully manage your marketing and brand building efforts to help you close more business. Additionally, I can provide marketing advisory to help you build you marketing systems and empower your sales team to close more deals.

Startups and Founders
My experience in marketing, branding, and product allows me to bring a wide range of expertise to help you create better products, enhance your fundraising efforts, and go-to market successfully.

Marketing Leaders
I can help you bring your vision for your brand touch points and campaigns to life. My diverse design, marketing, and development experience allows for a cohesive approach across your marketing campaigns and brand touch points.

About Working Together

I've worked with a lot of business leaders and early-stage teams. Unfortunately, I have seen many struggle to find success they desire and achieve the goals they set for themselves and their companies.

What I've observed over my career is that everyone says that they want to build a successful business. But now very clear to me that few are actually prepared to do what is necessary to make it happen.

I'm increasingly focused on working with the few individuals, leaders, and teams who are truly invested in taking their business and brand to the next level.

If that's you, let's get to know each other : )

How to Connect

Email me at inbox@austinshockley.com or schedule an intro call.

Marketing, Brand & UX Consultant

Let's work together to reach your business goals in 2023.