Marketing, Brand & UX Consultant

Having a hard time creating an effective approach to marketing?

Having worked with dozens of small businesses and startups, I've seen just how hard it can be for business leaders to navigate the countless decisions required to build an effective marketing system that predictably generates sales for their business and can adapt to changes in their market successfully.

Most business owners and leaders I've worked with readily admitted that they struggle with marketing and that it makes them uncomfortable. They typically don't know where to start, where to focus their time and resources, and are confused by all the strategies, tactics, skills, tools, vendors, ideas, and platforms that they are aware of.

Marketing encompasses a wide range of possible activities and investments, many of which require specialist skills in order to achieve impactful results. Chances are that you are not an expert in many of these skills (copywriting, messaging, branding, design, websites, marketing tools, ad platforms, analytics, and media creation), so logically, you seek out the help of professionals or agencies who can help you.

This puts you in a precarious position because you now have to operate on a lot of faith without deep knowledge or context about the activities being performed, all the tradeoffs involved in execution, and what can be expected from the various strategies being used.

As much as people want you to believe that they have the answer to your marketing challenges, the reality is that there are no silver bullets in marketing. Getting the right people's attention and delivering an effective message in a cost effective manner is a lot more challenging than people realize.

It's not just about about picking the right channel or strategy to focus on. It's about committing to developing the right long-term mindset, knowledge, and understanding of the market so you can improve your strategy as your business and the market changes.

If you want to avoid the trap of chasing strategies that never materialize into a consistent results, it's very important to develop a thoughtful approach and philosophy behind how you make decisions and measue their effectiveness.

That's basically what I'm here to help you with.

I want to help you gain a better understanding of the wide-world of marketing possibilities and make smarter investments that help you grow your business and improve your brand.

I can't guarantee that your business will achieve explosive growth through marketing. Marketing is highly competitive and getting harder everyday. What I can guarantee is that by working together, you will be able to make more informed investment decisions and develop a stronger, more strategic approach to marketing

Whether you are solely responsible for marketing in your business, or want to help your marketing team get better results, I'd love to help you build an approach to marketing that can successfully evolve and improve the growth of your business.

If you are interested in working with me in this capacity, complete the Marketing Advisory Inquiry Form to learn more.