A two week workshop to upgrade your website and marketing.

About This Workshop

Sometimes a major website re-design project is more than you need. This 2 week workshop allows small business owners, freelancers, and marketers to elevate multiple aspects of your website's design, structure, messaging, and strategy while avoiding a full-blown website redesign and development project, which are often time-consuming and expensive.

If you know your website could use a refresh, or you haven't made a serious effort to improve it in the past 8-12 months, this combination of guided training sessions, website analysis and general support is a great way to elevate your website and become a better at understand modern web design - without investing in a major website overhaul.

My Guarantee

If you engage actively in this workshop, I guarantee that you will have improved many important aspects of your website while also gaining a deeper understanding of the art and science of effective, modern web design.

If you complete the action items required to make improvements to your website, but fail to make improvements to your website, simply request a refund by emailing inbox@austinshockley.com.

What's Included

This workshop includes 9 group training calls over the course of 3 weeks which will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.

Additionally, all participants will receive a website analysis and feedback video each week of the workshop to offer direct feedback and insight on how you can have the most impact in this process.

Group Coaching Calls

Each group training call will begin by discussing the area of focus for the call followed by a Q&A session where you can ask questions and get direct feedback about your website, business and unique situation.

Each of these 90-minute calls are focused on an important aspects of creating effective websites including messaging, copywriting, design, structure, accessibility, layout, graphics, media, content SEO, and analytics.

I highly recommend you participate on each of these live calls to get the most out of the workshop and to be able to ask questions about your particular situation.  

If for any reason you cannot attend the live calls, we will share a recording of the call in the workshop portal so you can watch when convenient.

Weekly Website Analysis Video

Each week I will personally review each participants website and create a screen share walkthrough video with feedback on your progress and to offer recommendations on where you can focus your energy to have the most substantial impact over the course of the workshop.

Direct Access for Questions and Support

Through the duration of the workshop, all participants will be able to ask questions and get support from me and my team through the workshop portal.

Full Service Option (Upgrade)

If you would prefer to have myself and my team fully manage and execute the improvement of your website, we also offer a Full Service Option which includes design, development and copywriting support.

This project will take place separate from the timing of the workshop and includes multiple strategy and review calls plus design, copywriting, and development execution so that you can save time and get experts working on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

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