About Brand Equity

Brand Equity is the newsletter that helps businesses and individuals build a stronger brand and better position in your market.

Actually, I take that back… no one really “builds a brand”.

Brands are earned.

If you only take away one thing from me, let it be that.

In this newsletter I plan to cover a wide range of ideas, practical insights, and frameworks that are intended to help you create a stronger brand for both your business and yourself.

About Me

My name is Austin Shockley and I’ve been a freelance marketing, branding, and design consultant since 2017.

In working with many smaller businesses trying to get to the next level, I’ve seen that there are many counterproductive mindsets and ideas around marketing and build a successful brand.

This newsletter is a way for me to articulate all the things that I wish everyone had better clarity on as they strive to build successful company.

Marketing, Brand & UX Consultant


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