Gallium Solutions

Branding, Logo, Naming, Website, Strategy

A complete rebrand and custom website for a government commercialization specialist.

In collaboration with Coefficient Marketing, I helped we position Gallium Solutions to connect with leaders working on ambitious technologies and set the foundation for a comprehensive marketing approach.
In addition to aiding in the renaming process and designing the complete brand identity, I also designed and developed the website.

Liz Beechinor, owner at Coefficient Marketing, lead the project and did intensive research to understand the customer. Liz also lead the development of the messaging strategy, aided in the positioning of services, and managed all content development.

We look forward to watching the team at Gallium provide their unique expertise to accelerate entrepreneurs ability to bring their cutting edge technologies to the U.S. Government.
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"Evolving our website, brand, and messaging to better resonate with our clients, enhance our inbound marketing, and increase sales velocity was a major priority for us in 2022.
We are very happy with the final results of the process and proud to showcase our updated brand to everyone.
I would highly recommend Austin and Liz to any business that wants to take their marketing and brand to the next level."
Eric Frahm
Founder & President at Gallium Solutions